No-Needle Mesotherapy vs. Micro-Needle Mesotherapy – Which Is More Effective?

Source: The purpose of the study is to identify the anti-aging effects of vitamin C with needle and no-needle mesotherapy.

No-Needle Mesotherapy vs. Micro-Needle Mesotherapy
No-Needle Mesotherapy vs. Micro-Needle Mesotherapy – Which Is More Effective?


 In simple words, the epidermis (the outer layer of the skin) is protected by a water and lipid layer. Vitamin C antioxidants help protect the skin from damage and minimize the effect of aging caused by sun exposure. Techniques like no-needle mesotherapy and micro-needle mesotherapy are used to enhance the absorption of different active ingredients in the skin and enhance the penetration of beneficial substances.


To study the effectiveness of needleless and needle mesotherapy, 17 healthy volunteers received four treatments. They received 2.5ml of serum from strawberries that contained 20% L-ascorbic acid and hydrate. The procedure was performed on one-half of the face with no-needle mesotherapy, and the same function was performed with micro-needle mesotherapy.

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No-Needle Mesotherapy vs. Micro-Needle Mesotherapy:

Aspect No-Needle Mesotherapy Micro-Needle Mesotherapy
Method A non-invasive technique using electric pulses, electroporation, and ultrasounds to enhance penetration of active ingredients. It Involves controlled puncturing of the skin with fine needles to create micro-channels for enhanced absorption of active ingredients.
Invasiveness Non-invasive. Minimally invasive.
Procedure This procedure is typically painless and does not involve needles penetrating the skin. It involves the use of fine needles that puncture the skin.
Mechanism of Action No-needle mesotherapy enhances penetration of active ingredients through the skin’s barrier using physical factors. Micro-needle mesotherapy creates micro-injuries in the skin, stimulating collagen production and facilitating deeper penetration of active ingredients.
Recovery Time The recovery time period for needleless mesotherapy is minimal to none. It may involve a short recovery time depending on the intensity of treatment.
Suitability for Concerns Needle-less mesotherapy is suitable for various skin concerns including hydration, rejuvenation, and anti-aging. Micro-needle mesotherapy is particularly beneficial for improving fine lines, wrinkles, scars, and overall skin texture.
Frequency of Treatments It requires multiple sessions for optimal results. In micro-needle mesotherapy, multiple sessions may be required for optimal results.
Professional Supervision It is performed by skincare professionals. It is only performed by trained professionals such as dermatologists or licensed estheticians.
Cost No-needle mesotherapy is generally less expensive compared to micro-needle mesotherapy. It may be more expensive due to the specialized equipment and technique required.
Side Effects/Risks Minimal risk of side effects such as redness or irritation are involved in no-needle mesotherapy. In needle mesotherapy possible side effects include redness, swelling, and temporary discomfort depending on the intensity of treatment.


The techniques, No-Needle Mesotherapy and Micro-Needle Mesotherapy were found effective, but micro-needle mesotherapy shows much effectiveness in terms of improving skin elasticity, firmness, hydration, and skin tone as compared to no-needle mesotherapy.




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