Efficacy And Safety of Injectable Deoxycholic Acid for Submental Fat Reduction.

Deoxycholic Acid Injection for Double Chin
Efficacy Of Deoxycholic Acid Injection for Double Chin —

Source: Deoxycholic Acid Injection for Double Chin – A Review.


We wanted to see if deoxycholic acid (DOC) is safe and effective for reducing submental fat (SMF), often called a double chin.


We looked at a bunch of studies up to June 2020 to see how well DOC works and if it’s safe. We checked different databases. We measured effectiveness by looking at scales used by doctors and patients, as well as imaging tests. Safety was checked by seeing if people stopped because of side effects and how many side effects there were.


We looked at five studies with 1,838 people. Both doses of DOC (1 or 2 mg/cm2) worked better than placebo. There was no difference between the two doses. Side effects were rare, mostly mild, and usually went away quickly. Common side effects included pain at the injection site, bruising, numbness, redness, and swelling. Both doses had similar side effects.

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Deoxycholic Acid Injection for Double Chin (DOC) is good at reducing submental fat (SMF) and is safe to use. It works well at both 1 and 2 mg/cm2 doses, with similar side effects.

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