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Source: Dupilumab For Eczema: It Shows It Might Be Better For Adults.



A review by the German Institute for Quality and Efficiency in Health Care (IQWiG) looked at whether Dupixent offers benefits over traditional treatments. It’s difficult to accurately measure the full extent of Dupixent’s advantages but the findings showed that Dupixent improves symptoms and quality of life for patients, according to the information provided in the dossier.

Dupilumab For Eczema – Background:

Dupilumab For Eczema Dupilumab For Atopic Dermatitis
Dupilumab For Eczema

Dupilumab, or Dupixent, has been approved since September 2017 to treat adults with moderate to severe neurodermatitis (atopic dermatitis) who need systemic treatment. Neurodermatitis (eczema) is a long-lasting skin condition that causes rashes and intense itching, that can seriously affect quality of life. Dupixent is the first drug for neurodermatitis to go through the AMNOG assessment process. Normally, neurodermatitis is treated with cortisone ointments or, in severe cases, with UV light or systemic therapy. It’s injected under the skin. Dupilumab works by reducing inflammation in the skin by blocking a chemical messenger that causes inflammation. 

 The study favored Dupixent in terms of reducing itching, improving sleep, and enhancing overall quality of life, although there were more eye issues and other side effects. Only your doctor can assess your medical history and treatment method and then decide whether the dupixent eczema injection is suitable for you or not. For people with moderate to severe eczema who can get treatment through the bloodstream, the usual method is to tailor treatment to each person. This might involve different medications depending on what has been tried before and individual needs. For adults, treatments like UV light therapy or systemic steroids can also be considered.

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Dupixent or Dupilumab for eczema shows promising results for adults with moderate to severe eczema, enhancing symptoms and quality of life. But it has some side effects such as eye issues are also being reported. It is only your doctor who can decide whether dupilumab for atopic dermatitis is suitable for you or not.


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