Understanding The Types Of Laser Treatment For Skin-Choose Best For Your Skin

Glass and dewy skin is everyone’s dream. Shedding dead skin cells with products like masks, scrubs, retinol, and serums at home can help.  However, the results of these products are time-consuming. However, dermatological laser resurfacing is a supercharged, rapid, and effective solution for skin problems. There are different types of laser treatment for the skin. Laser dermatology treatments solve many skin problems like wrinkles, hair removal,  and rejuvenation. Moreover, skin treatment by laser is most popular  nowadays to improve your skin’s appearance. Let’s explore some types of laser treatment for the skin.

Types Of Laser Treatment For Skin:

Following are the different types of skin treatments with laser.

– CO2 Laser Treatment

– Fractional Laser Treatment

– IPL Treatment

– Pulsed-Dye Laser Treatment

– Erbium Laser Treatment

TIP: Choose a well-qualified, trained, and experienced laser resurfacing provider. Don’t go for the newer laser platform to get the best deals.

CO2 Laser Treatment:

CO2 laser resurfacing has been used for many years to treat skin problems. CO2 laser types emit a concentrated short beam of light and target the skin area by damaging the skin layer. This procedure treats the following skin problems

– Warts

– Wrinkles

– Scars

– Birthmarks

– Dull skin

– Age spots

It takes two weeks to heal. However, the CO2 laser has some side effects too. Due to that, fractional lasers take its place because it has fewer side effects.


How Does CO2 Laser Work?

CO2 lasers are ablative lasers, a type of laser dermatology treatment. It removes a layer of damaged skin. Additionally, these types of lasers for skin affect all skin layers by damaging the epidermis and heating the dermis. In this procedure, immediate injury occurs to your skin, which will take two weeks to heal. This procedure boosts collagen production, and by healing the epidermis, the treated skin becomes smooth, clear, and glowing.

IPL Laser Treatment:

IPL laser targets the cells that cause ‌pigmentation. It uses different wavelengths to fix pigmentation problems.

IPL laser helps treat skin vascular conditions like

– Redness

– Age spots

– Brown spots

– Freckles

– Acne

– Pigmentations

The IPL laser treats these conditions through repeated sessions. Moreover, it does not damage the skin and has zero recovery time.

How Does IPL Laser Work?

IPL laser is non ablative laser procedure. The non-ablative laser effects target the skin pigment by emitting high-intensity light of different wavelengths. However, it works without damaging the surrounding tissues. Unlike CO2 laser treatment, it is non-invasive and has less recovery time than CO2 laser treatment. However, after the treatment, there may be some mild side effects, such as swelling or redness. But after one week of treatment, you will get a gorgeous complexion.

Fractional Laser Treatment:

The fractional laser treatment is a cosmetic laser solution. The fractional lasers are non-ablative and non-invasive. Its recovery time is one week, and it’s less damaging to the skin.

The fractional laser treats the following skin conditions

– Wrinkles.

– Acne Scars.

– Blemishes.

– Dark spots.

– Skin tone.


How Does Fractional Laser Work?

The fractional laser targets ‌specific tissues and does not affect surrounding areas. The fractional laser delivers a narrow column of laser light on a small area of your skin at once. It causes less pain and only a small area of skin effects. Furthermore, this dermatology laser treatment stimulates the skin’s healing process, boosts collagen production, and improves skin tone and texture.

Pulsed Dye Laser Treatment:

Pulsed dye laser treats the following skin conditions

– Red scars

– Spider veins

– Rosacea

– Broken capillaries

– Hemangiomas

– Spider angiomas

This cosmetic laser treatment heats the skin and absorbs the pigments to treat these skin conditions.

How Does Pulsed Dye Laser Work?

It is a non-invasive types of laser treatment for face. Pulsed Dye laser treatment is the best procedure to treat blue, red, or purple veins on your face and other parts of your body.  The pulsed dye laser is painless, and its recovery time is zero. The people who undergo this procedure experience significant results in skin problems.

Erbium Laser Treatment:

This is the best skin laser treatment that emits short pulses to improve the different skin problems and the appearance of your skin. Erbium laser therapy treats the following skin issues.

– Deep acne scars

– Fine lines, wrinkles

– Age spots

Erbium laser treatment is not suitable for people with darker skin tones. It is also invasive and has less recovery time.

How Erbium Laser Works?

Erbium laser targets the outer layer of your skin and reduces wrinkles, fine lines, age spots, and deep acne scars. This aesthetic laser treatment has fewer side effects because in this therapy, less tissue destruction takes place, and after therapy, recovery is faster.

Don’t focus on brand names. Just focus on your skin issues and the outcomes you are looking for.


1. What types of skin issues can laser treatment address?

Cosmetic Laser skin care treatments address many types of skin concerns.

1- Scars

2- Marks

3- Freckles

4- Pigmentation

5- Brown spots

6- Spider veins

7- Rosacea

8- Birthmarks

9- Fine lines

2. How many laser sessions are necessary to see results?

The number of sessions depends upon the type of laser and the severity of your skin issue. Some treatments require multiple sessions to see optimal results.

3. Laser treatment is safe or not?

Laser treatments are generally safe. But there are some side effects also, like redness and swelling. For treatment, always go for an expert and experienced dermatologist.

4. What is the recovery time of skin after laser therapy?

The recovery time for skin after laser treatment depends upon the type of laser. Some treatments, like CO2 laser treatment, take two weeks to recover, but Erbium laser treatment requires only a few days.

5. Can laser treatment be suitable for all skin types?

Some laser treatments are unsuitable for darker skin tones because this may cause hyperpigmentation and other side effects. Always consult your doctor for any laser treatment.


In this blog post, we have explored different types of laser treatment for the skin. Recent research has shown that laser treatments are highly effective methods to improve the appearance of your skin. We have explored CO2 laser, IPL laser, Erbium laser, Pulsed dye laser, and fractional laser.

Laser treatments for face are effective for many skin problems like wrinkles, pigmentation, warts, scars, and improving skin tone and texture. If you are thinking of skin treatment with laser, consult your experienced dermatologist.





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