The Surprising Benefits of Face Oils-Tips for Skincare Enthusiasts

People have used different oils to hydrate their skin and hair for centuries. Most people know about face oils, but they avoid using them because they think that face oil are greasy and cause breakouts. They don’t know what wonders they can do. Let’s discover what are the benefits of face oils and how to choose them according to your skin type. 


benefits of face oils


Face Oils-A Beauty Secrete:

If you have oily or acne-prone skin, you were told to avoid using any face oil or products with oil in them. It does not mean adding dry and harsh components to your skincare routine. It is a myth that facial oils are only for dry skin. It benefits all skin types and is essential to a daily skincare routine. Let’s explore the Facial oil benefits.

Face oils are oil-based liquid skin care products of plant and essential oils. These oils add and lock moisture into our skin. There are various face oils, each with a unique composition of fatty acids and essential nutrients that nourish and repair our skin.

The beauty world has a tremendous range of skincare products – and the options are stunning.

Is Facial Oil Good For Skin-Surprising Benefits Of Face Oils:

Do you know our skin also produces oils naturally? Face oils work with our skin’s natural oils and make our skin radiant. In addition, facial oils provide more goodness to our skin. The best natural oils for the face have the following fatty acids:

Oleic acid

Linoleic acid

Palmitic acid

Stearic acid

Do you know? What does Face oils Do? Face oils deliver these fatty acids to the skin and strengthen the skin’s protective barrier. The skin’s barrier supports the cell wall, maintains moisture, and keeps the skin hydrated. Vitamins C and E are essential moisturizing vitamins. These are the components of face oils and act as a hydration powerhouse for the skin. Face oils are multitasking skincare products and have the following benefits.

1- Face Oils Are Loaded With Fatty Acids:

Face oils contain essential fatty acids. These essential fatty acids are omega 3 and omega 6 fatty acids. As we know, adding essential fatty acids to our diet is necessary. However, there are many benefits of applying these fatty acids topically.

The outermost skin of the face is made up of lipids, which act as a barrier for our skin to protect it from environmental factors, for example, pollution, UV rays, and dust. Fatty acids penetrate deep into the skin, passing from the lipid layer, locking the skin’s moisture and restoring the skin’s health, glow, and radiance.

skin benefits of face oils

2- Nourishes The Skin:

Facial oils contain fat-soluble vitamins that are a powerhouse for skin protection, healing, and anti-aging effects. Especially, Vitamins A, K, D, and E are fat-soluble vitamins that can only dissolve in oils and, thus, provide complete nourishment to our skin. Vitamin E slows the aging process. Moreover, the oils that contain vitamins A and C increase collagen production and help in scar treatment.

3- Mimics The Skin’s Natural Ingredients:

Face oils are very effective for treating skin problems and mimic the skin’s natural ingredients. Our skin’s top layer comprises ceramide, cholesterol, and fatty acids; these ingredients are also found in natural plant-based oils. When we offer these ingredients to our skin, it knows how to use them. It penetrates deep into the layers of the skin and locks moisture. Specially jojoba oil is best for the skin because its texture is close to the human sebum.

4- Provide Protective Barrier:

They provide a protective shield for the skin. Face oils can repair any damage to the skin due to environmental factors. Additionally, they can treat eczema dermatitis.

5- Give a healthy glow:

Plant-based oils with emollient properties can fill the spaces between skin cells and smooth the skin surface. No, matter what the cause of your dull skin is, face oils give a healthy glow to your skin. Coconut oil contains fatty acids that soothe the skin and give it an extra shine.

6- Helps To Soothe Sunburn:

Sunburn on our skin is due to harmful UV rays. Exposure to the sun leads to irritation, itching, and dryness. We can treat all these symptoms with intense hydration from face oils.

7- Use As A Primer:

Face oils can be the best primer in your makeup routine. If, after applying foundation, your skin looks dry and patchy, use the face oils as a primer. It gives a smooth tone and increases the natural look of your makeup.

Tip: If you have normal skin, use face oils as primers in your patchy area. Keep your clear, or you may use an oil-based primer.

8- Used for body massage:

The massage therapists use face oils for body massage. A massage gives a relaxing effect on our body and muscles. Thus, face oils are multitaskers and work as hydration boosters and cleansers.

how to apply face oil

9- Super Versatile Product:

Face oil is a super versatile skincare product. We apply it not only to our face, but we can also use good face oils on our cuticles, knees, neck, elbow, hands, feet, and toes. It gives long-lasting moisturization to our skin.

10- Work As A Beauty Cocktail:

Face oils allow you to be your self-skincare mixologist. You can create your beauty cocktail by mixing face oils with other products. We can mix face oils with masks, moisturizers, and foundation.

11- Defense Against Aging:

Face oils are very effective for aging. If you are trying to prevent fine lines and wrinkles on your face, the face oil can help to make your skin firm and give your skin a youthful texture and appearance.

12- Locks The Moisture:

All types of skin, from dry to oily, need hydration. Face oil is a miracle product to add hydration to your skin. So, face oils deeply hydrate and lock moisture in your skin.

13- Calm Skin Irritation:

Face oils have powerful anti-inflammatory properties. These properties soothe skin irritations due to allergies and other skin irritants. Because face oils strengthen skin barriers and calm irritation, they are beneficial for sensitive skin also. However, if you are allergic to fragrance, be careful to you any fragrant face oil.


Using face oils can be a luxurious experience without luxurious pricing. We all need to focus on self-care and spend time with our skin.

Tip: Adding a few drops of face oil in your bathtub can give your skin a glow. 

15- Acne Killer:

It is surprising to know that some facial oils are acne killers. Believe it or not. Essential oils have anti-bacterial properties too, and they kill acne-causing bacteria. For example, tea tree oil is a face oil that reduces inflammation and drains acne from your face.

How To Choose The Best Oil For Face?

Do you want to know how to choose face oil according to your skin type?

types of face oils

 Here is a guide to selecting the proper oils for skin care for your skin type.

Skin Type Best Oils for Skin Care Description
Dry Skin Coconut oil, Rosehip oil Reduce dry skin conditions like eczema, locking the moisture. These are the functions of face oils for dry skin.
Sensitive Skin Chamomile oil, Lavender oil Reduce itching, irritation
Acne-prone Skin Jojoba oil, Tea tree oil Reduce acne-causing bacteria, anti-bacterial properties
Combination Skin Marula oil, Grapeseed oil Non-greasy, Absorb quickly
Aging Skin Olive oils, Argan oil Prevents premature aging, and nourishes the skin.

Some Tips How To Use Facial Oils?

Proper application of skin care products is critical to gain maximum benefits. It’s a general rule to apply effects from the lightest consistency to the thickest. Face oils are dense skincare products, so you should use them at the last of the skin. Follow these tips for the application of face oil.

how to apply face oil


1- Wash your hands and take a few drops of face oil.

2- Rub both of your hands.

3- Absorb oil into your skin by gently pressing your hands on your face and neck.


1- How many times can you apply face oil?

We can apply face oils in the morning and at night. Only 2 or 3 drops of oil are sufficient. You will see a good change in your skin when the oil absorbs into your skin.

2- Can everyone use face oil?

Yes, of course, face oils are for everyone. However, it is crucial to know which oil is best for your skin type and how to apply it.

3- How to add face oil to a skincare routine?

Nighttime is the best to use face oil. Mix face oil with your suitable moisturizer and apply it to the face.

4- Which Face oil is good for the skin?

Face oil that contains antioxidants, lycopene, beta-carotene, and Vitamins A and C is the best. Moreover, oils with a single ingredient, like black seed or rosehip oil, are also best for your skin.

5- How many types of face oils are there?

1- Argan oil

2- Olive oil

3- Retinol oil

4- Almond oil

5- Tea tree oil

6- Squalane oil

7- Marula oil

8- Avocado oil

9- Grapeseed oil

10- Rosehip oil

11- Coconut oil

12- Jojoba oil

13- Flaxseed oil


Finally, face oil can be a beneficial addition to someone’s skincare routine. Its remarkable properties nourish, hydrate, and protect the skin, as well as improve the overall appearance of your skin. Face oils can also provide other benefits, such as increasing collagen production, reducing inflammation, and promoting healthy and radiant skin. In combination with other skin products, face oils have the transforming power to make your skin healthy and glowing.




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