Pregnancy Skincare Routine-Dirty Half-Dozen Ingredients To Avoid:

Let your confidence shine, no matter if you’re pregnant. Pregnancy brings excitement but challenges as well. Most women develop skin changes during pregnancy and are questioned about their treatment to maintain their overall appearance of skin health and look for the ingredients to avoid in skincare during pregnancy. We understand that you want to look gorgeous at the most important time of your life.


So here we come with a solution. Let’s discover the ingredients to avoid skincare during pregnancy. 

Skincare Ingredients To Avoid When Pregnant:

When you’re pregnant, you glow differently, so wear your skin confidently. It’s just a phase and shall pass. Pregnancy-safe products are the main concern during pregnancy. So here we go with the half-dozen dirty chemicals that are not considered pregnancy-safe skincare ingredients. Avoid them and start glowing and growing hand-on-hand:

1- Topical retinoids.

2- Salicylic acid.

3- Hydroquinone acid.

4- Sunscreen.

5- Paraben and phathalets.

6- Essential oils.

We recommend you follow a natural skincare regimen and find ways to moisturize your skin naturally to shine throughout your pregnancy :).

1- Topical Retinoids:

Retinoids are the derivatives of Vitamin-A and are found in normal acne and anti-aging beauty products. The amount of drug absorbed by using this product is very low. But the high dosage of retinoids is linked with congenital disabilities. However, four published cases are being reported of retinoid embryopathy. 

Pregnant women should not be encouraged to use topical retinoids during pregnancy.

2- Salicylic Acid:

 Stop using those products that contain high amounts of salicylic acid as it may cause serious complications to the pregnancy and may harm the fetus because it is related to aspirin.

Salicylic acid is present in over-the-counter skin care products such as cleansers, toners, body washes, serums, and acne spot treatments. According to the studies, if salicylic acid is low in OTC products, it’s considered safe to use.

3- Hydroquinone Acid:

It is a skin-lightening agent used to treat acne spots and melasma. Along with inhibiting melanin production, it also inhibits the other pigments important for fetus development. It has been estimated that 35%-45% of systemically absorbed by topical use as it absorbs in the skin at a very high rate. Hence, experts recommend those topical products to avoid during pregnancy.

4- Sunscreen:

There is an increased concern related to the use of sunscreen. Before jumping to a conclusion, we need to understand the types of sunscreen based on their formula. Some formulas contain chemical ingredients that could be harmful when used in the long term. So it’s advised to use physical sunscreen.

However, both are considered safe according to the National Library of Medicine, but to avoid any risk better to opt for another type.

5- Paraben And Phathaletes:

These two ingredients in skincare and beauty products are to avoid during pregnancy as one is commonly present in shampoos, soap, and makeup. At the same time, the other is found in skincare products, particularly scented products.

Researchers have discovered that exposure to parabens, recognized as endocrine disruptors, can decrease sperm and increase birth weight. While phthalates are so common, exposure is widespread, and studies have shown that limiting exposure may lower the risk of preterm birth.

There is a debate about the frequent use of these products associated with possible links to reproductive issues, so it’s advisable to ignore the effects rather than be sorry and use phthalates and paraben-free products.

6- Essential Oils:

Natural things are not always good for us. The same goes for essential oil. Essential oils are concentrated plants extracted for therapeutic benefits and fragrances. But all essential oils are not considered safe. Such as Clary sage and Jasmine are known to kick contraction, and rosemary has been proven to increase blood pressure.

Pick those essential oils with your dermatologist’s advice that are diluted and considered safe for pregnancy skincare.

P.S: This is a general overview collected from various studies. However, the effect of skin care ingredients while pregnant may differ for many reasons. Choosing skincare beauty products on your health expert’s advice is always recommended.

What you put in your skin is most important in those days because chemicals in skincare products get absorbed into the bloodstream and may affect the fetus. Some of the ingredients are known, and others are possible risks and require more research and are not considered to be safe pregnancy skin care because:

– We must determine how many ingredients are absorbed and drawn into the bloodstream.

– Depends on the quantity being applied.

– Depends on the area being used.

Therefore, seeking your dermatologist’s advice before applying any product is always recommended. But there are some hard and fast rules about what chemicals to avoid when pregnant.

Best Skincare For Pregnancy:

Are you getting anxious while reading this? No need to be worried; we’ll not let your skin suffer or your baby’s health. We would recommend you follow a natural skincare regimen and find ways to moisturize your skin naturally so that you can shine throughout your pregnancy 🙂 We also have some alternatives to take care of your beauty and overall health.

1- Use a mild cleanser.

2- Exfoliate your skin with a physical exfoliator like sugar or a gentle chemical exfoliant with low amounts of lactic or glycolic acid.

3- Use gentle lotions or creams with hyaluronic acid or coconut oil.

4- Use physical sunscreen and limit your sun exposure.

5- Stay hydrated.

6- Eat well and shine more.


1-  Which skincare ingredients are safe during pregnancy?

  1. List of few ingredients that are considered safe to use is listed below:

– Azelaic acid.

– Glycolic acid.

– Vitamin C.

– Niacinamide.

– Hyaluronic acid.

  2. Is hyaluronic acid ok for pregnancy?

Hyaluronic acid is considered safe if used in moderate amounts. However, it’s recommended to seek your health practitioner’s advice.

  3. Can I use all skincare when I am pregnant?

The good news is that you can use cleansers, exfoliators, toners, and moisturizers throughout your pregnancy. But it’s safe to use mild and gentle products.

  4. Can I use Vitamin C while pregnant?

The answer is YES; why not. But always opt for a gentle one recommended by your health advisor.

  5. Is retinol Ok for pregnancy?

 It falls in the C category of FDA, which means the risk to the fetus can not be ruled out. So It’s not considered safe skincare when pregnant and should be avoided at any cost. 


We have discussed in detail a dirty half-dozen skincare ingredients to avoid while pregnant because they may harm the fetus. Some products, such as retinoids and a few essential oils, are strictly prohibited. At the same time, others are in debate and not recommended to avoid any possible risk. Start your skin care regimen today and drive your journey with shine.



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