Benefits Of PRP Face Treatment – Plasma-Rich Facial.

Facials have been popular over decades but the quest for having beautiful and flawless skin has led us to some remarkable discoveries and one of them is the PRP platelet rich plasma facial or a vampire facial. This facial brings life to your dull, aging skin without using invasive procedures and harsh chemicals. This blog post will help you to find out what’s PRP facials, and PRP facial benefits.

What Is PRP or Vampire Facial?

You might have heard about PRP facial but what is platelet-rich plasma treatment and how does PRP work to rejuvenate your skin? The plasma skin regeneration therapy depends on your own blood platelets. It involves three steps:

  • Draw your own blood.
  • Separate platelets from the rest of the blood.
  • Re-injected the part of blood that is rich in platelets.

An expert draws some of your blood and a machine that spins blood separates all four components of blood one of them is the platelet. A solution with platelet rich plasma for skin rejuvenation is then prepared with the help of your drawn blood and injected into your targeted area of the skin and magic starts to begin.

What Does Platelet-Rich Plasma Do?

The PRP solution naturally stimulates collagen and elastin production and skin begins to heal naturally from the inside out within a few weeks.

FACT: Plasma treatment for skin has been used for many years in the medical field for tissue regeneration and wound healing process. To regain natural advantage,PRP treatment has been used by different method such as topical PRP application, plasma face cream, and different procedures of microneedling or laser, and direct intradermal injections.

Benefits of PRP Facial:

Vampire or PRP plasma facial is ideal for treating skin problems as it is a non-invasive and natural method to heal your skin from the inside out. The effectiveness of PRP for skin is not only limited to fine lines and wrinkles but the benefits of Plasma facials are beyond this. Let’s explore plasma benefits together in the light of proven research.

  • Benefits of PRP for face is it helps in collagen revival.
  • The benefit of PRP facial is to Promote new growth cells.
  • One of the PRP benefits for face is that it accelerates the healing process.
  • Vampire facial or skin plasma treatment is good for reducing fine lines and wrinkles including crow’s feet surrounding the eyes.
  • The perk of PRP therapy is to make your saggy skin plump.
  • Vampire or plasma skin treatments help to shrink skin pores.
  • PRP is a worthy and proven therapy for the protection of skin from photoaging.
  • PRP microneedling benefits in reducing scars and stretch marks.
  • Studies show that PRP facial benefits in treating dark circles.
  • The PRP benefits for skin are to minimize discoloration of the skin.

1- Revival Of Collagen:

We all know skin reduces collagen production as we age, but how do we improve collagen production? Vampire facial or microneedling with PRP benefits is the best natural way to kickstart collagen production. When the needle penetrates into your skin the platelets release growth factors that stimulate the existing collagen production and existing collagen begins to heal. This procedure takes a few weeks to show visible results however you will feel immediate skin tightening.

FACT: The more your body produces collagen and elastin, the more it continues to produce. Moreover, PRP skin results last up to 20-24- months.

2- Promote New Growth Cell:

PRP therapy is just like hitting a refresh button on your skin. When platelets enter your skin growth factor does not only stimulate collagen production but also helps to promote new growth cells and ensure that old and damaged cells are continuously replaced by new cells resulting in:

  • PRP facial effects on skin texture.
  • It reduces scars.
  • Vampire skin treatment or PRP therapy helps to shrink pores.
  • PRP injection benefits in improving skin tone.

3- Reduce Lines And Plump Saggy Skin:

Collagen is the key to youthful skin when its production decreases skin becomes thin, most of the time fine lines and wrinkles appear and skin becomes saggy. But blood Plasma therapy can reverse this situation up to some extent in just one session. People often use plasma fillers to contour and plump their lips, and cheeks. The science behind this amazing PRP face rejuvenation therapy makes it an effective solution for restoring a more toned and uplifted appearance.

To get faster and better results combine PRP treatment with other facial treatments such as fractional CO2 laser, microneedling, and microdermabrasion.

4- Protect Skin From Photoaging:

Decreasing collagen in your skin is the real culprit of all your skin problems. Along with collagen production platelet rich plasma benefits and enhances the skin repairing proteins and provides protection from photoaging caused by long sun exposure and UV radiations. Facial with PRP  has the ability to enhance the skin’s barrier function to resist UV damage and become a noticeable therapy to mitigate the signs of photoaging and ensure you a radiant and youthful look.

5- Acne Scars And Stretch Marks:

If you are a victim of acne scars, stretch marks, hyperpigmentation, or uneven skin tone or texture then this therapy is a quick solution to your problem. The key nutrient of a concentrated solution of platelets, growth cells, and fibrin and white blood cells helps to start the regenerating and repairing process in your skin. when platelet rich plasma injection for face is inserted into the affected area, it helps to fill and remodel scar tissue.

The plasma rejuvenation method does not take much time to process and usually ends within 40-55 minutes. You can observe noticeable results within a few weeks. You might notice some redness or mild swelling after PRP face treatment that will subside within a few days.

Benefit Of Platelet Rich Plasma – Pairing With Other Treatments:

Skin Concern.


Acne Scars & Atrophic Acne Scars. PRP with fractional CO2 Laser treatment.
Loss of skin elasticity and tissue volume. PRP with lipo-filling.
Facial Aging. PRP with threadlifting.
Atrophic post-acne scars, Atrophic Post Traumatic Scars, Post Chicken Pox Scars. PRP with microneedling.
Facial Aging. PRP with Hyaluronic acid.
Wrinkles & Depression In The Skin. PRP with growth factor.

Despite having a bundle of skin benefits with PRP facial, it is important to make an appointment with a qualified healthcare expert who can access your medical history, current health situation, and skin concerns to ensure the suitability of PRP facial benefits for you.

Reviewed By : Doc Suhab Alvi

Pro Tips After Getting PRP Treatment:

  1. Don’t touch, rub, or irritate your skin by touching it.
  2. Avoid makeup for at least 48 hours after therapy.
  3. Don’t use any chemical products including exfoliants on your skin for at least 3-5 days after treatment.
  4. Use a cold compress and pain relievers to reduce pain and swelling.

Benefits Of Vampire Facial – Who Should Avoid:

Plasma-Rich Platelet facial treatments for skin rejuvenation are generally safe but people with the following conditions are not advisable to opt for plasma skin care.

❌ People with blood disorders should avoid PRP or vampire facials.

❌ If you have an active skin condition or infection you should delay the PRP cosmetic treatment and talk to the expert as it may trigger your skin conditions. 

❌ People with allergies or sensitivities should discuss it with their health expert before a vampire facial.

❌ People with chronic health conditions or taking immunosuppressive medications are not ideal candidates to avail themselves of PRP therapy.  

Pros And Cons Of PRP Injections:



As the blood plasma treatment is done by the patient’s own blood and if the blood is handled carefully, the risk of infection is reduced. ❌ To gain optimal results, multiple sessions are required.
The treatment involves minimal downtime and quick recovery. ❌ PRP skin treatment has some potential side effects such as redness, and swelling with bruises at the side of injection. If the blood plasma is not treated carefully the risk of infection is also present.
The single method is effective for various skin problems. ❌ The Plasma rejuvenation injections are relatively costly as compared to other rejuvenation treatments.
Platelets are adjusted accordingly as per the patient’s skin concern. ❌ Facial effects are not permanent and end within 18-24 months.


1- How do PRP injections work?

Blood is drawn from the patient’s body, and spin into the machine that separates the blood platelets, a concentrated solution is then prepared and injected into the affected area. The growth factors in PRP solution stimulate the skin’s natural healing abilities and enhance the overall appearance and health of the treated area.

2- What are some side effects of vampire facial?

Vampire or PRP facial have minimal side effects including redness, swelling, tenderness at the site of injection, and immediate burning sensation right after the procedure. However, an expert is required to perform the cosmetic procedure in a sterile environment to avoid adverse reactions.

3- How many PRP treatments are needed for face?

The number of PRP treatments varies from person to person and their skin concerns. Typically three to four sessions over several weeks are required followed by the maintenance session at six-month intervals to sustain the results.

4- How to care bruising after PRP under eyes?

Bruises usually disappear on their own within two weeks. However, you should avoid harsh chemical products, and blood-thinning medications, and avoid touching your skin again and again by following your health care advice.

6- Is PRP safe during pregnancy?

It is advisable to avoid unnecessary medical procedures during pregnancy. Always consult with qualified healthcare providers for better guidance.

7- Can you do PRP at home?

PRP is a medical procedure that requires an expert’s hands to draw the blood and centrifuge to extract PRP in a sterile environment with proper monitoring and then inject it into the affected area. It is strongly discouraged to perform this process at home.


Platelet-rich plasma injection gives youthful and radiant skin, PRP facial benefits the skin in a natural way to boost collagen production, and skin growth cells, and improve skin texture by reducing scars, fine lines, and wrinkles.

It is always recommended to choose a professional healthcare provider before going to any procedure.





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