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The Essence Of Naked And Thriving:

Naked and Thriving is the ideal choice for individuals like you who prioritize safe and natural skincare. Their products are not only vegan and cruelty-free but also made with utmost care using powerful organic plant botanicals. It is truly refreshing that most people like no makeup look and cosmetics that are free from harmful chemicals. The founder of Naked and Thriving were brother-sister duos. Their vision was to provide the world with clean beauty options. They understood the importance of skincare that not only nurtures our skin but also respects the environment and the creatures we share with it. Their dedication is inspiring to provide exceptional effective and eco-friendly products.

When it comes to their skincare line naked and Thriving predominately uses plant-based oils as the foundation of their products. Their products are designed to deliver deep hydration, combat signs of aging such as wrinkles and fine lines reduce hyperpigmentation, and provide a rejuvenating and brightening effect on the skin. It is all about nourishing your skin with natural goodness.

Quick Facts: Naked And Thriving

naked and thriving


Brand: Naked and Thriving (Skincare Company in New York)
Suitable For: Anti-aging, Skin Detox and Rejuvenation
Benefits: Skin repairing, Tightening, Reducing hyperpigmentation, Brightening, Hydration, Increasing skin elasticity, Nourishing,
Active Ingredients: Peptides, Squalane, Cucumber, Rosehip oil, Carrot seed, Moringa oil, Hyaluronic acid, GLycolic acid, Fruit AHAs, Argan Oil, Pomegranate Seed oil, Ferulic Acid, Retinol, Vitamin C
Pricing: The price range is from $35-  $200 for individual products.

Origin of Naked And Thriving: Interesting Story

The story of founder Margi And Gerg: Margi discovered fertility issues due to a hormonal disorder. She thought that this issue might be due to exposure to chemicals found in the environment such as paraben, PBA, and Phthalates. Margi also realized that these chemicals are also present in skincare products. Meanwhile, Greg decided to part ways with his position at a renowned Beauty company. His growing apprehension about the usage of artificial chemicals and plastics in skincare products prompted this decision.

The Talented siblings discussed their experiences and recognized the importance of using pure and naturally derived ingredients in skincare and thus naked and thriving was established.

 What Naked And Thriving Claim?

Naked and Thriving claims that they believe in clean ingredients. Do you want to know the meaning of clean ingredients?

  • They make the products without synthetic ingredients.
  • They use organic ingredients.
  • They ban 2700 plus harmful ingredients.
  • Their ingredients are derived from natural sources.
  • They used effective plant-based products.

Naked And Thriving Product Line:

The organic products of Naked and Thriving have multiple benefits let’s explore the product line of this brand and the key ingredients.

Products Offered By Naked And Thriving:

There are a variety of products offered by this brand these products include cleansers, face creams, face oils, face serums, eye care products, body oils, and lip balms. Naked and thriving cleansers are of different types for sensitive skin to refresh, soothe, and purify the skin. The variety of face creams are made to nourish, protect, and make the skin radiant.

They offer four different varieties of face oils. Each face oil is crafted to address different skin concerns including, fine lines, dryness, and hyperpigmentation. These oils are formulated to nourish, rejuvenate, and restore. Moreover, the body oils are also of different types to relax and revive. These oils are used to relax and calm the skin. They also offer a variety of face serums for treating skin issues.

The Key Ingredients:

Naked and Thriving used organic and high-quality ingredients to formulate the products. The brand uses oils and plant botanicals rich in antioxidants and fatty acids to hydrate and nourish the skin. These oils are

  • Jojoba oil (Improves skin barrier function)
  • Argan Oil (Antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties)
  • Rosehip oil (protects the skin from free radical damage)
  • Niacinamide ( Treat acne)
  • Hyaluronic acid (Improves skin elasticity)
  • Peptides (Boost collagen production)
  • Vitamin E ( Humectants and emollient)
  • Lavender ( Anti-inflammatory properties)
  • Rose ( Reduce dryness)
  • Retinol (Anti-aging)
  • Buckthorn oil (rejuvenate the skin)
  • Pomegranate Seed Oil (Rich in antioxidants repair skin damage)
  • Ferulic Acid (Potent Antioxidant)

These are all ingredients used to protect, hydrate, and soothe the skin. Moreover, these ingredients make skin smooth, soft, and radiant. The anti-aging and anti-inflammatory properties of these ingredients promote plumper and glowing skin.

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Unveiling the Benefits:

The following are the benefits of naked and thriving products.

  • Nourishing
  • Visible results
  • Cruelty-free products
  • Made with natural and organic ingredients
  • Free from harmful chemicals and toxins
  • Environmentally friendly packaging
  • Support sustainable and ethical beauty practices
  • Handcrafted with love and care.
  • Transparent ingredient list. So you know what you are exactly putting on your skin.

Transparency and Sustainability:

Naked and Thriving is a brand that prides itself on its commitment to transparency and sustainability. If you follow your skincare routine and know that each product you are using is safe and is not only good for your skin but also good for the planet. Their ethically sourced ingredients and eco-friendly packaging are amazing. Naked and Thriving ensures that their products have no negative impact on the environment. When you purchase each product you become a part of their mission to create a sustainable future. So, naked and thriving works for your skin’s well-being and also for our beautiful planet.






Gentle Enzyme Cleanser




Sensitive Cleansing Bar

Purify Charcoal Cleansing Bar


The Cleansing Bar Set $56
The Age-Defying Routine

Refresh, Protect, Prevent, Glow

The Super Glow Duo

Illuminate, Rejuvenate

The Restorative Night Routine

Renew, Revive, Rejuvenate

The Radiant Serum Set

Protect, Renew, Illuminate

The Barrier Boost Routine

Refresh, Protect, Nourish

The Restorative Night Routine

Renew, Revive, Rejuvenate


Bc+ Brightening Serum



You can get huge discounts by purchasing their bundles or sets of three products. A single product has a reasonable cost from $ 40 to $100.

 Highlighted Products Of Naked And Thriving:

  • Naked And Thriving Renew Serum
  • Naked And Thriving Illuminate
  • Protect By Naked And Thriving

Naked And Thriving Reviews: Testimonials and User Feedback

Many customers have shared positive testimonials about their experiences with naked and thriving products. They have expressed satisfaction with the quality and effectiveness of products.

Users have reported noticeable improvements in their skin texture, hydration, and overall appearance after using naked and thriving products.

Customers have praised the natural and organic ingredients used in the product mentioning that they feel confident knowing they are using safe and non-toxic skincare.

Users have appreciated the gentle nature of the products. Noting that they are suitable for sensitive skin and do not cause any irritation. Many customers have mentioned that Naked and Thriving products have become staples in their skincare routine and they have noticed long-term benefits from consistent use. Users have also commended the brands’ commitment to sustainability and ethical practices, appreciating the environmentally friendly packaging and cruelty-free approach.

Positive reviews Of Customers From Amazon:

  • I bought from the Naked and Thriving site but I just needed one item so I went to Amazon. Seems to be legit and these products are great for my skin! Alan Cohen
  • It leaves my skin soft and moisturized. Great on sensitive skin. Vicki Fell

The above reviews are about Rejuvenate Restorative Face Oil

Negative Review:


  • Customers claimed that she had sensitive skin and ordered products from Naked and Thrive, which caused a rash. After returning the products, the company failed to refund the purchase, claiming a missed return window. The customer is now without products and out of over $100. Dissatisfied and would rate the company poorly. Carrie

Note: 75% of reviews about naked and thriving on Amazon Are Positive.

Naked And Thriving Rating:

Overall rating: 4.7/5

Performance: 4.5/ 5

Safety: 5/5

Skin type: 5/5

Preservatives: 5/5

Finding Perfect Match:

In the vast world of skincare finding a perfect match for your skincare is like searching a needle in a haystack. But fear not,  naked and thriving is here for you. Their skincare products are carefully formulated to address different skin types and concerns. You will find your perfect match within no time. Whether you have oily, sensitive, combination, or dry skin naked and thriving have a range of products for you.

Each product is expertly formulated with natural ingredients that nourish your skin and ensure that your skin receives the love and care it deserves. Their gentle cleanser, face serums, creams,  and rejuvenating masks every product designed perfectly. So say hello to naked and thriving products for glowing and radiant skin. Your skin will thank you.

Shipping And Return Policy Of Products:

When you place an order with Naked and Thriving, they make sure to ship it out within 1-2 business days. If you’re in the US or Canada and your order is over $50, good news! You get free shipping. However, if your order is under $50, they calculate the shipping fee based on how heavy your package is and where it’s going.

For all you globetrotters out there, Naked and Thriving also ship to most countries worldwide. The only catch is that international shipping fees and delivery times may vary depending on where you’re located. But no worries, during the checkout process you’ll be able to see the estimated delivery time and the cost of shipping to your destination.

If you’re not happy with your Naked and Thriving products, no worries! You have 30 days from the date of purchase to return them for a full refund or exchange. Just reach out to customer service via email or phone, provide your order number and reason for the return, and they’ll assist you with the process. Keep in mind that Naked and Thriving only accepts returns of unused and unopened products, unless the item you received was damaged or defective. They’ll be happy to help you out!

Once Naked and Thriving receives your return, they’ll process the refund or exchange within 5-7 business days. The refund will be credited back to the original payment method used, either your credit card or PayPal account. Customer satisfaction is their priority!


Where I can Buy Naked And Thriving Skincare Products?

You can buy Naked and Thriving products on Amazon and the original website of the Naked and Thriving brands.

Is Naked And Thriving Products Cruelty-Free?

The products of Naked and Thriving are Leaping Bunny certified means these products are free from animal testing or cruelty-free.

Does Naked And Thriving Offer Eye-Creams?

Naked and Thriving offers eye creams. They formulated the eye cream with natural ingredients, caffeine, green tea, and hyaluronic acid Designed to reduce dark circles, fine lines, and puffiness around the eyes.


In conclusion, naked and Thriving reviews speak volumes about the brand’s commitment to transparency, sustainability, and effective skincare. Customers have praised the brand’s natural and nourishing ingredients, eco-friendly packaging, and the positive impact their purchase makes on the environment. With a wide range of products to suit various skin types and issues naked and Thriving is a luxurious skincare experience. So, enjoy the power of naked and thriving skincare products.

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