Natural Ways To Treat Dry Skin – A Guide For A Flawless Look.

The lack of moisture from the outermost layer of the skin causes dryness. Xerosis is a dry skin condition that makes skin rough and flaky. Xerosis treatment is crucial because if we do not cure it, the cracks in our skin cause infection. This blog post explores the dry skin care tips at home that are effective and inexpensive, like other store-based treatments.

Dry Skin Care Tips – Natural Treatments:

Flaky, dull, and dry skin is an irritating skin condition. If you have applied many dry products and skin treatments but got temporary results, please check these promising home remedies for dryness and make your skin soft and supple.

1- Sun Flower Seed Oil:

Studies show sunflower seed oil improves skin hydration due to high amounts of fatty acids and vitamins. It benefits dry skin due to its high absorbency without clogging pores. It contains linoleic acid that helps lock in moisture and is effective for dry skin conditions and eczema when used topically.

dry skin care tips

Tip: Sunflower oil is a carrier oil; you can add some essential oil to improve skin benefits.

2- Coconut Oil – What To Use For:

To maintain good hygiene, you often wash your skin; harsh chemical products damage the upper layer of the dermis and cause dryness or xerosis of skin. It would help if you follow a natural skincare routine with an ingredient that provides hydration, and soothe irritated skin.

Coconut oil is another natural moisturizer for flaky dry skin. Recent research proves that coconut oil has emollient properties that provide natural hydration by filling the gap in dry skin cells and making it smooth and healthy by keeping bacteria out and also helping to reduce scars.

coconut oil for dry skin

Tip: Rub a small amount of coconut oil between your palms, and apply it on the wet face overnight to hydrate the skin.

3- Benefits Of Oatmeal On Skin:

Oatmeal is packed with:

  • Vitamins.
  • Minerals.
  • Fats.
  • Proteins.
  • Other nutrients.

These nutrients are effective for dry skin treatment. Oatmeal for skin has been used for centuries to relieve itchiness and irritation. It’s not only the best moisturizer for dry skin but has proven properties of:

  • Cleanser.
  • Buffer.
  • Soothing effects.

It has unique antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties that naturally heal the skin. The natural moisturizing effect of oatmeal cures skin conditions like:

  • Dermatitis.
  • Mild skin burns.
  • Chickenpox.
  • Xerosis.

oatmeal bath relieves dry skin

4- Treat Dry Skin With Antioxidant Rich Food:

Some food makes your skin healthy. If your skin is dry, certain elements are damaging your skin faster than your body’s repair system. Foods that help with dry skin contain a high level of antioxidants and omega-3s, which minimize the effect of damaged skin from toxins and hydrate naturally.

  1. Berries.
  2. Carrots.
  3. Beans.
  4. Lentils.
  5. Leafy green vegetables.

antioxidant rich food

5- Natural Cure With Honey:

Some of the top beauty natural ingredients for skin care are found in nature, and one of them is honey. Honey is a multitasker; it treats dry itchy skin, and natural enzymes help to remove dead skin on face and body. It has the following properties:

  1. Anti-inflammatory.
  2. Moisturizes skin.
  3. Heal dry skin.

Honey is beneficial for different types of skin. Moreover, it is used in face washes, moisturizers, and hair conditioners. It is the finest natural product with many beneficial skin care uses.


6- Vaseline Moisturizer:

Petroleum jelly, vaseline, or mineral oil are solid moisturizers. Scientific research proves that petroleum jelly improves the skin barrier and removes dry patches on face. So, we can use petroleum jelly to treat dry skin, especially aging skin.

Tip: Apply moisturizer immediately after washing hands or face. It locks moisture in your skin effectively.

vaseline for dry skin

7- Dry Skin Treatments With Aloe Vera:

Aloe vera gel is a magical product. It also helps to treat dry skin. If the skin of the hands and feet is dry, you can apply aloe vera gel directly, and after using, wear moisturizing gloves for hands and socks for feet to observe faster results. You can also apply the aloe vera on face overnight or aloe gel-based skin hydrating products.

treat dry skin

8- Drinking Milk:

Including milk in your diet also relieves dry skin. It improves skin hydration. According to the research, milk contains fats (phospholipids) that will enhance the skin barrier and make our skin smooth and healthy. You can also use milk with other ingredients to make a natural face mask.

milk for dry skin

Some Preventions to Treat Dry Skin:

Here are a few tips in your skin care routine that will help to keep your skin moisturized and hydrated:

  1. Always use lukewarm water to take a bath, not hot water.
  2. Use a fragrance-free mild cleanser or homemade face cleanser for daily use.
  3. Use natural face exfoliator to remove dead skin from face.
  4. Use only a small quantity of mild gentle cleaner.
  5. Limit your bath time.
  6. Use soft towels.
  7. Apply skin moisturizing creams or DIY moisturizers to slightly damp skin.
  8. Avoid lotions. Use ointments and creams for dry skin because they are more effective and non-irritating than lotions.
  9. Apply lip balm to your dry lips.
  10. In winter, hands and feet get drier, use healing hand scrubs and creams for feet to keep them soft.
  11. Wear cotton or silk clothes that are non-irritating.
  12. Use hypoallergenic laundry detergents.
  13. Use humidifiers.
  14. Drink a lot of water.

TIP: If you have dry skin, stop using skin care products with the following ingredients.

  • Retinoids.
  • Alcohol.
  • Soaps with fragrance.
  • Alpha Hydroxy acid.

When to See a Doctor:

If you don’t observe improvement using home remedies for dry flaky skin on face and body then you must consult a dermatologist because it may worsen the condition and cause cracked texture on the skin which further leads to bleeding and skin infections.


1- What things should you avoid for dry skin?

You should avoid scented soaps, deodorants, and alcoholic products that can sap your skin’s natural oil.

2- How often should I use moisturizer for dehydrated skin?

According to dermatologists, you should use a good moisturizer for dry skin twice a day, but if your skin is too dry, you can moisturize more frequently. People with dry sensitive skin should use a moisturizing mask, and dermatologist recommended moisturizers.

3- Why should I cure dry skin?

Dry skin is not harmful. However, if it’s not cured, it can lead to atopic dermatitis and eczema; excessive dryness can cause a rash and cracks in your skin.


We have explored dry skin care tips to keep your skin well-hydrated. Natural ingredients like aloe vera, honey, milk, natural oils, and mineral oils help to retain skin moisture and make skin soft and smooth.




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  1. Sana Abdullah

    Thank you for informing about dry skin ?these natural things are gift from God
    We should to use for daily skin care routine

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    Thank you for informing about dry skin ?these natural things are gift from God
    We should to use for daily skin care routine

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