Effective Melasma Treatment -Topical Agents, Chemical Peels, And Laser Therapy:



Dark, patchy areas on the skin are characterized as melasma, and this skin condition is challenging to treat. A dermatologist treat melasma with melasma lightening cream that we apply on our skin. People want to treat this skin condition because it affects their beauty and skin appearance. Sometimes it goes away on its own, but mostly we need the help of a dermatologist for melasma to clear it up. In this blog, we will discover how to get rid of melasma and the best treatments including melasma cream.

How To Treat Melasma:

Usually, dermatologists treat the skin condition with sunscreen serums and a brightening cream.

The following are the goals of melasma treatment:

-Decrease the number of dermis hyperpigmentation.

-Restore the natural skin tone.

Creams For Melasma Treatment:

1- Tretinoin and Corticosteroids.

2- Hydroquinone.

3- Triple creams.

4- Additional medicines.

dermatologist treatment for melasma

1. Tretinoin And Corticosteroids: 

Applying tretinoin and corticosteroids lighten the affected areas. These medicines usually come in the form of creams, lotions, and gels.

2. Hydroquinone:

Dermatologists consider hydroquinone products as a first-line treatment for melasma. It lightens:

  • dark patches.
  • even skin tone.

However, the use of this chemical can be risky and uses are not recommended without a dermatologist’s prescription. It is available as:

– Gels.

– Creams.

– Lotions.

3. Triple Combination Cream For Melasma:

Creams containing tretinoin, corticosteroids, and hydroquinone referred to as triple creams, are prescribed by doctors to treat melasma. 

4.  Additional Medicine For Melasma:

In some cases, dermatologists prescribe medicines that may be gentle on your skin, such as

– Kojic acid for melasma.

Vitamin C.

-Azelaic acid emulsion.

These acids help to treat this skin condition by reducing the pigment production in your skin and fading the dark areas of your skin.

Fastest & Best Treatment For Melasma:

Even after topical treatments, people see pigmentation on their faces. To solve this problem, there are other advanced dermatology solutions to improve your skin conditions, experts may add methods to treatment plans. Here are the best procedures. These procedures include

-Chemical Peel:

In this procedure, the dermatologist applies chemicals on your skin that reduce the pigmentation. Click to learn more about this procedure.


 In this procedure, your healthcare provider uses tiny needles and makes small tears on the top layer of your skin. As a result, the skin’s healing process starts. The healing process stimulates collagen and elastin production, making our skin:

  • smooth.
  • even tone.




-Laser Therapy: 

Some research also proves that laser treatment improves:

  • skin tone.
  • texture.

The laser uses light energy and targets the pigmented areas in the skin, breaking down the pigments and reducing melasma.

-Platelet-rich Plasma: 

In this procedure, plasma is separated from the blood and injected into the pigmented areas. It helps to reduce melasma and makes our skin tone even.

To get the desired results, consult your dermatologists. 

Skin Lightening Cream For Melasma-A Scam and Danger:

skin lightening cream

We see different commercials and advertisements on social media about skin- creams. These creams have become the money-making industry. Many women go for such lightening creams to improve the appearance of melasma. Be aware these products are unsafe and dangerous as they contain harmful ingredients. These creams may cause other skin sensitivity and problems.

Tips For Melasma Prevention:

Here are some tips for melasma prevention.

– Use Sun ray blockers: sunscreen.

– Avoid hormonal medicines.

– Gentle skincare products.


1. When should I seek a healthcare provider to treat melasma?

You should seek a dermatologist’s help once you see the initial symptoms, as they get worse and difficult to cure if left untreated.

2. What are the effects of melasma?

Melasma is harmless and painless, but it affects emotionally to individual. People feel bad about this skin condition and avoid social gatherings. Sometimes melasma fades away on its own.

3. Can we use makeup to hide melasma? 

Dermatologists sometimes recommend using camouflage makeup to get a natural skin tone.

4. How to cure melasma permanently?

There are different treatment plans to treat melasma but no treatment can cure its signs permanently.


A frustrating skin condition known as melasma could be difficult to treat So, if you are struggling with this, you should talk to your dermatologist about the best melasma treatment plan because that plan will help you to achieve clear skin.




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